Hard Times and balance between training Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Fitness & MMA and life in Charleston SC

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Hard Times and balance between training Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Fitness & MMA and life in Charleston SC

Many times we hear the phrases like, “You get out what you put in,” or, “Reward doesn’t come without hard work.” Unfortunately, despite working hard the outcome doesn’t always turn out how we would like. Success doesn’t come easy and some times problems get worse or multiply, debts increase and help never seems to come. Meanwhile, you are desperately trying to also trying to hold on to your sanity. There is a constant search find a purpose or meaning to “life” or whatever makes you tick.

For those that practice martial arts, participate in fitness programs or train self defense such as Krav Maga, spend hours training hard, sparing with numerous partners and sweating our butts off. The results we see and feel are hard to compare to anything else. Facing economic hardships, being forced to work long hours and loosing that time on the mat can be very discouraging and seem like you are torn between necessities. The need meet deadlines, paying your bills, combating the natural stress of a job is a hard balance. When trying to tread the water of life, not being able to dedicate more time to training and what you really love is a conflict many face every day.


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