Charleston FIT & MMA Reviews

  • Pamela Oliveras, Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    I've been going here for close to a year - started out cardio boxing just to get fit because I need group motivation - now doing to boxing fundamentals - everyone is always friendly and professional. Tim is always there to answer any questions and conduct a class. Coach rich is like the OG of boxing and it's a no frill class that will have you sweating but also at the same time kind of like a philosophy lesson. Coach Nate is always helpful, full of energy and a great coach too. Haley at the front is very friendly and cool. It's the kind of place I like as it's a friendly, no ego, humble place that is local and just down to earth

    Pamela Oliveras
  • Second-to-none! Be ready to feel part of a uniquely welcoming, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced family. Our little boy absolutely LOVES his Jiu-Jitsu classes. The overall atmosphere and his amazing professor helped him, in only a few short months, to develop a true commitment to the sport, respect for his peers and determination to get better on many levels (patience, persistency, listening, just to name a few). The gym is always clean, the members are considerate and helpful to each other - it all starts from the top, with the management, staff and coaches

    Iulia Iordachescu Phillips
  • The quality of this gym is bare none one of the most friendly and talented staff I have worked with. I would definitely reccomend checking then out if you are looking to get in shape or want to learn a martial art!

    Anthony Vespa
  • Great gym with even greater people the owner and staff are top notch! Super clean too.

    Laura Baldino
  • I absolutely love this place! I've been taking the classes for about a month now and I'm hooked! Everyone there is so knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. I actually look forward to working out everyday. I really enjoy the FIT classes and the cardio boxing classes.

    Holly Hurley
  • I just started going to Charleston Fit and MMA and I absolutely love it. Everyone is so knowledgeable with exercises and help to keep you pumped during workouts. I'm glad I found a place I'm so comfortable going to. Great job Charleston fit and MMA!

    Tonya Hair
  • Copious amount of talent and mind on the coaches part. Great Black belt, Great people ! Exceptional training environment. Like a second home when need to train. Highly recommended in my book.

    Wesley Allan
  • This gym is awesome!!! The trainers put in just as much hard work and dedication as the members. It's like a second family. Come in and check us out. I wouldn't train anywhere else.

    Keona Silk Simmons-allen
  • Jason F. , Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    Having worked with martial arts schools all across the country, I highly recommend this school! The owners and instructors are dedicated to bringing the very best service and quality of instruction to their community.

    Jason F.
  • Treasure W. , Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    Loved my first workout here it was great and I learned a lot I did the jiu-jitsu which I have never done before but it was a great experience my trainer was very helpful I don't remember his name but he is a very excellent and patient trainer.. I will be back soon to sign up to become a member and I can't wait ! ��

    Treasure W.
  • Lisa S. , Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    Charleston FIT & MMA staff are leaders in instruction and caring for all their students. Building confidence and respect with every lesson. Highly recommend you check them out.

    Lisa S.
  • Kristin M. , Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    This is a professional school with a positive atmosphere and excellent instruction. I highly recommend you check them out!

    Kristin M.
  • Araje L. , Charleston FIT & MMA Testimonials

    Great school with excellent staff and instructors. If you live in the area, so yourself a service and check them out!

    Araje L.

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