Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Reviews

  • Charleston Self-Defense and MMA is a great facility with very knowledgeable instructors who welcome you into their classes and run a very good program. A must for anyone looking for a good gym to start or continue their martial art or workout journeys. Highly recommend!!

    Dustin Turbeville
  • Everyone from the instructor to the students made it super easy to learn.  I spent far too long thinking about joining a boxing class, don't make the same mistake.  Dabble or immerse yourself in all the different fighting styles they have to offer.  Nate, the boxing instructor, is knowledgeable and patient.  Definitely helpful for anyone like me who has zero fighting or boxing experience.

    Abadael Perez
  • Great place to go and learn something new and have fun doing so. The owner and the instructors are amazing and will help you when you need it.

    Aidan Murray
  • I always have a fantastic experience at CMMA. I originally attended last year when the owners were kind enough to lend their space to my wrestling coach and our wrestling club. Since that time, even though I left for quite a while before my recent return, its always felt like home to me. The coaches are patient and dedicated to making sure you are 100% ready for whatever style you decide to train in, and even beyond sports will help you with things as simple as just getting in shape as they also offer a fitness class. I look forward to every class and look to start my amateur careers in boxing and MMA with Charleston Fit and MMA.

    Noah Evans
  • My son (10 years old) could not do a somersault when he started almost 8 months ago. Now he is flipping around all over the place.  His confidence is stronger and he has developed some great friendships! They professors have been awesome I can't believe how much he has learned in just under a year. He has already had the opportunity to go to two tournaments with his team and done so well. Great alternative to your typical sports. Reasonably priced and flexible on your schedule.

    Jeff Leinberger
  • It's a great place for classes, I love the environment, I don't feel judged which is great. The instructors are awesome and will work with you...Me, my husband and 3 kids go and love it.

    Tammy Murray
  • Finally a gym that is actually clean. The owner is really cool and helpful. It's nice to be able to ask questions and get advice on how to realistically reach my goals.

    Elizabeth Bulach
  • This is a very welcoming gym. I have been there for 6ish months and learned more self defense than I can explain. The gym is very welcoming and like family.

    Lilli Sustaita
  • Welcoming environment to learn and thrive in. Even if you walk in and know nothing, the instructors will make sure you walk away learning something new.

    Phelan Murray
  • I love training here! This is such a awesome place everybody is awesome to work with and I am learning a lot.

    Angelina Rose
  • Pamela Oliveras, Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    I've been going here for close to a year - started out cardio boxing just to get fit because I need group motivation - now doing to boxing fundamentals - everyone is always friendly and professional. Tim is always there to answer any questions and conduct a class. Coach rich is like the OG of boxing and it's a no frill class that will have you sweating but also at the same time kind of like a philosophy lesson. Coach Nate is always helpful, full of energy and a great coach too. Haley at the front is very friendly and cool. It's the kind of place I like as it's a friendly, no ego, humble place that is local and just down to earth

    Pamela Oliveras
  • Second-to-none! Be ready to feel part of a uniquely welcoming, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced family. Our little boy absolutely LOVES his Jiu-Jitsu classes. The overall atmosphere and his amazing professor helped him, in only a few short months, to develop a true commitment to the sport, respect for his peers and determination to get better on many levels (patience, persistency, listening, just to name a few). The gym is always clean, the members are considerate and helpful to each other - it all starts from the top, with the management, staff and coaches

    Iulia Iordachescu Phillips
  • The quality of this gym is bare none one of the most friendly and talented staff I have worked with. I would definitely reccomend checking then out if you are looking to get in shape or want to learn a martial art!

    Anthony Vespa
  • Great gym with even greater people the owner and staff are top notch! Super clean too.

    Laura Baldino
  • I absolutely love this place! I've been taking the classes for about a month now and I'm hooked! Everyone there is so knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. I actually look forward to working out everyday. I really enjoy the FIT classes and the cardio boxing classes.

    Holly Hurley
  • I just started going to Charleston Fit and MMA and I absolutely love it. Everyone is so knowledgeable with exercises and help to keep you pumped during workouts. I'm glad I found a place I'm so comfortable going to. Great job Charleston fit and MMA!

    Tonya Hair
  • Copious amount of talent and mind on the coaches part. Great Black belt, Great people ! Exceptional training environment. Like a second home when need to train. Highly recommended in my book.

    Wesley Allan
  • This gym is awesome!!! The trainers put in just as much hard work and dedication as the members. It's like a second family. Come in and check us out. I wouldn't train anywhere else.

    Keona Silk Simmons-allen
  • Jason F. , Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    Having worked with martial arts schools all across the country, I highly recommend this school! The owners and instructors are dedicated to bringing the very best service and quality of instruction to their community.

    Jason F.
  • Treasure W. , Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    Loved my first workout here it was great and I learned a lot I did the jiu-jitsu which I have never done before but it was a great experience my trainer was very helpful I don't remember his name but he is a very excellent and patient trainer.. I will be back soon to sign up to become a member and I can't wait ! ��

    Treasure W.
  • Lisa S. , Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    Charleston FIT & MMA staff are leaders in instruction and caring for all their students. Building confidence and respect with every lesson. Highly recommend you check them out.

    Lisa S.
  • Kristin M. , Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    This is a professional school with a positive atmosphere and excellent instruction. I highly recommend you check them out!

    Kristin M.
  • Araje L. , Charleston Self-Defense & MMA Testimonials

    Great school with excellent staff and instructors. If you live in the area, so yourself a service and check them out!

    Araje L.

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