Why Boxing improves perform in Teen academics and athleticism at Charleston Self Defense Academy in Goose Creek, SC.

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Not only can boxing be a solution for troublesome kids, boxing teaches respect, self-control and an outlet for aggression. Boxing coaches have a record of sorting out even the most difficult of delinquents. This is mainly because boxing coaches are interested in skills the boys are good at, rather than concentrating on all the things they are bad at. 

Another lesson is that kindness and care can bridge any divide. Boxing sets aside Race, class and culture as they are irrelevant in the art. We focus on skill, determination and heart. When you show your humanity, people tend to give you more than they knew they had. Teachers know that, obviously - but I'm saying that it works even with the hard cases that are on the way towards exclusion. 

For more on this subject please read the article "When boxing meets education: teaching experiences in alternative provision" https://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/2012/oct/09/teaching-experiences-boxing-meets-education 

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