Charleston Self-Defense strategies, techniques with Krav Maga and Jiujitsu against sloppy boxing

 in Goose Creek - Charleston Self-Defense & MMA

For well rounded Self-defense, you need to learn how to put up a "Fence" if confronted by someone, how to cover and fire back if they try to sucker punch you, how to Pre-emptively strike if it seems to be a couple of people intent on attacking/mugging, how to roll with sucker punches, how to defend all manner of grabs, takedown defense & necessary balance during the physical pressure of a real CQB clinch, takedowns, and how to fight on the ground and finish someone quickly with Submissions locks and chokes. Best way to be prepared is to regularly take different types of classes and become well rounded.

This video shows a mix of skills Daniel Theodore's 23 years of Bouncing/Security Work and travels around the world (including multiple opponent and weapons fights) tell me you may need! There are Krav and Kickboxing classes, and I am teaching Karate Go Jiu-jitsu (Blend of Karate, Judo, and BJJ), No Gi Submission Grappling blending Catch Wrestling & Jiu-jitsu, and my own Combatives classes as well (blending Russian Martial Arts with Harder Bouncer/Military tactics). 


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