Krav Maga Alliance at Charleston FIT & MMA in North Charleston is the best way to Learn self Defense and get your fitness workout!!

 in Goose Creek - Charleston Self-Defense & MMA

Krav Maga is a great self defense system designed around "Real World" situations. There are no competitions or egos for self defense scenarios. We train in Krav Maga to help us avoid and survive the worst case scenarios. We train on situational awareness and how to avoid that scenarios that might put you in harms way. If it is already beyond the point of no return, we are trained to use the most effective strikes and techniques to prevail, while under extreme stress. We train to stop the attack, then attack the attacker to isolate the attacker and create an escape. There are no elaborate choreographies nor absolutes. There are no uniforms and no traditions. We do not train in Krav Maga to start fights or show off, nor do we train to stay and face your attacker toe to toe. We train to save our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. As quoted by the founder Imi Litchenfeld, we train in Krav Maga “so that one may walk in peace.”

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